Gnosis is a word derived from the Greek language that means “Knowledge”.
It is referred to a transcendental wisdom which allows man to know the mysteries of the Universe.
Who are we?
Where do we come from?
Where do we go?
Why do we live?
by VM Samael Aun Weor

Since the Gnostic studies have made such an extraordinary progress lately, no cultivated person could misunderstand them by making the Gnosis be derived from another spiritual current.
Although it is certain that the Gnosis contains rudiments from Greece, Persia, India, China, Mesopotamia, Egypt, Syria, Palestine, etc., we should not ignore that the Gnostic principles are perceptible in the sublime religious cults of the Nahuas, Toltecas, Aztecs, Zapotecas, Mayan, Chibchas, Incas, Quechuas, etc., etc., etc., from Indo-America.
Frankly, we must declare: “The Gnosis is a very natural functionalism of the consciousness.” It is a “PHILOSOPHIA PERENNIS ET UNIVERSALIS”
Irrefutably,  the Gnosis is the enlightened knowledge of the Divine Mysteries reserved for an elite.
The word “Gnosticism” contains inside its grammatical structure, the idea of systems or currents dedicated to the study of Gnosis.
This Gnosticism implies a coherent, clear, precise, series of fundamental rudiments, verifiable through direct mystic experience: “The Curse, from a scientific and philosophical point of view”, “The Adam and Eva of the Hebraic Genesis”, “The Original Sin and the Exit from the Paradise”, “The Mystery of Lucifer-Nahuatl”, “The Death of Myself”, “The Creative Powers”, “The Essence of the SALVATOR SALVANDUS”, “The Sexual Mysteries”, “The Intimate Christ”, “The Igneous Serpent  of Our Magic Powers”, “The descent to the hells”, “The Return to the Edem”, “Mefistofeles’Gift”.
Only those Gnostic Doctrines that contain the Ontologycal, Theological and Anthropological basis explained above, belong to the authentic Gnosticism."

"It's painful to say it, but as we have said in other chapters before this, with the world's chiefs of state, with the politicians and with the religious leaders, everything happens in the same way; we see Humanity divided into three groups already defined:

The first group is constituted by people of a certain belief, those who say: "I belong to such and such religion", but don't fulfill its precepts.  Well, that leads to nothing; simply to believe in a baptism which one had done but the fact is that there is no radical change.

The second group is constituted by millions of people who don't believe in anything.  They are not interested in anything that even smells of religion and even see it as antiquated if one speaks to them about it; they think that they are owners and masters of the world and that when they die, everything ends.

The third group is made up of dogmatic and religious fanatics, who believe themselves absolute owners of the truth and that through their dogmatism, they rub elbows with God; this insecurity, then, in which Humanity develops itself, doesn't allow the new generations to have anything sure or concrete.  On some
occasions the case is seen where the mother belongs to one religion and the father to another; mother tells her child that salvation is in the religion which she professes and father says that the truth is in the religion which he professes.  The child thinks that both of them are wrong, or one of them is wrong and
doesn't know which so, he ends up not believing in anything, because of the lie which they are telling him.  

Our brothers, the religious predicators, instead of excommunicating and condemning he who doesn't believe in their precepts and fanaticisms, should be thinking about living the pure teachings of Christ; Love, Comprehension, being more sure about what they preach and in themselves, being less afraid to be left alone, without communities.

Religion is a service which is being lent to Humanity; this must be done with disinterest, without any business involved; and admit that every person has a free will to choose the best one which is convenient for him.

The day the religious predicators understand that God is one and His teachings are only one, and the on Earth, Christ left them established, which are the fulfillment of the Commandments of the Law of God, which is the only true path for the salvation of the Human Soul; if this Divine patrimony wouldn't be argued about by men and their interests, there wouldn't be that rivalry in concepts and opinions in relation to God; so that every person would aspire to looking for his own redemption; one wouldn't find so many millions of souls rambling around with so many beliefs and dogmatisms which lead to nothing.  This is the crude reality of the facts."

The Gnostic teaching cannot be learnt through books only, by means of the intellect, but rather through one’s own direct experience of reality which reveals us a hidden truth of the Universe and ourselves.
This wisdom has existed in every period of time and culture throughout the history of the human being on Earth.
Many men and women, after searching for and arriving at the truth inside themselves, the inner truth, founded the different religions and mystery schools in order to share their knowledge with others.

Gnosis was taught in esoteric and philosophical schools in all of the ancient civilizations. It was given to mankind in ancient India, Egypt, China, Persia, Greece, Rome, Mexico, etc.
Gnosis existed in the Buddhism, Taoism, Islamism, Christianity, etc.
The great spiritual masters of mankind, like Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Hermes, Zoroaster, Moses, Mohammed, Dante, Quetzalcoatl, were Gnostic, that is to say, they had a superior, divine knowledge of the secrets of the Man and the Universe.
These wise masters have brought to our planet a transcendental knowledge which makes man face his destiny, and permits him to develop all his asleep possibilities.
During the twentieth century, Master Samael Aun Weor receives the mission  to unveil this knowledge, hidden before, to all the humankind. This way,  Gnosis, the Christian esoteric knowledge left by Master Jesus more than two thousand years ago, has been presented on this planet once again.
Gnosis is a mystery school and it has two fundamental aspects: study and mysticism.
We live this study in our Gnostic school, through our lessons, practices and spiritual exercises, which lead us to the awakening of the latent faculties of the human being.
We live mysticism through meditation, prayers, magic and the contact with enlightened beings who assist us from the spiritual world.
Gnosis takes us to the meeting with our inner selves, getting in touch with our profound depths of our inner reality. It allows us to be aware of the reason for our lives.
Gnosis is absolutely practical, possible to verify by each individual.
We do not accept dogmas but only direct experience.
Gnosis is to be experienced in the bottom of our hearts.
Who intends to believe in Gnosis is just wasting his time.
We study sciences which permit us to communicate with our Mother Nature.
Those sciences which give us the techniques to verify, to experiment, to live what we study; not to theorize.
The basic sciences are: KABBALAH and ALCHEMY, which synthesize all of the sciences.
The Kabbalah studies numerology, the origin of life, and the Alchemy teaches us the Transmutation, or the conversion of the energies - copper into gold -  that is to say, the shortcomings, the defects, into virtues.
The Objective Science permits us to establish a communication with our inner God, making it possible the scientific and inspired knowledge which gives us the keys for a life to the full.
Gnosis is a word derived from the Greek language that means “Knowledge”.
It is referred to a transcendental wisdom which allows man to know the mysteries of the Universe.
Who are we?
Where do we come from?
Where do we go?
Why do we live?

The Objective Art: Egyptian and American pyramids, Aztec Calendar, Mayan Steles, sacred writings of every culture and religion, Greek temples, great paintings and sculptures, classical music by the great Masters, all of them transmit cosmic truths which make us have a great impact on our consciences.
Gnostic Anthropology rescues the truths inherent in each piece of this Objective Art. These truths do not belong to a period of time but remain unalterable through the centuries.
That is the Art that permits the expression of the intelligent, creator and giver of life
“The dances of the Eleusinian Mysteries, in Greece, the Babylonian theatre, the Greek sculptures, have always been used to transmit knowledge to the disciples”
Gnosis provide us with techniques and practices, all kind of spiritual tools, to make us possible to find the answers to the most important questions about the whole creation: Where do we come from? Where do we go? Who are we? What is the purpose of our lives?
We practice the philosophy of the present time, of this very moment, this unique instant we have, from which we obtain the keys to get to know our inner world and to reach superior levels. This is the real reason for a worthwhile existence: to liberate ourselves from the chains that slave our souls.
At the threshold of the Temple of Delphi in Ancient Greece, you could read this thought:
It is to say:
“Oh man, know thyself
and you will know
the Universe and the Gods.”
We study and live Mysticism or Religion. Religion is a word derived from “Re-Ligare”, which means “religar”, “to join again”.
To join together again our individual conscience to the cosmic conscience, to that intelligent  principle that rules the cosmic plans and which emanates from the chaos. We have left from somewhere and it is there where we have to come back, and that is religion or Yoga, the Sanskrit word which means “Union”.
The sources of our studies are the sacred books from all the religions and cultures since the religious principle is always the same, the “Re-Ligare”. That is why the sacred writings, codices, steles, legends, myths, ancient rituals, etc., etc., are the basis for the knowledge of the Religion.
That cosmic conscience or intelligent principle is the same God of the Christians, the Zeus of the Greeks, Jupiter of the Romans, the Demiurge Architect of Pythagoras, the Tao of the Buddhists, the Ala of the Muslims, the Brahma of the Hindustanis, Aquello (That), the Inmanifestado, the Ain of the Kabbalists, Ra among the Egyptians, Thor of the Nordics, Thonanthiu of the Aztecs, etc., etc.
This is the universality of the religious principle.
The Mysticism will take us to understand the need of living our profound inner religion, organizing our psychic, mental principles, our soul, to be able to join our conscience to God again.
Gnosis   is an experimental, vividly lived knowledge of every inherent, essential area in the Human Being.
Come together and start the discovery of the true meaning of Gnosis.
“Oh, man, know thyself and you will know the Universe and the Gods”
"Homo nocete ipsum"
Delfos - Grecia
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